Global Creatives

The IBest Wines team has worked with some of the most talented creatives across the globe. This is where we spotlight the people we have worked with, admire, and aspire to work with - from South Africa to New York and beyond.



Grace Bukunmi is a renowned multi-dimensional artist with expertise in photography, art direction, and styling. Her work has been recognized by over one hundred publications and she has contributed to over twenty editorial outlets as a photographer and writer. Having launched her career with Elle Magazine South Africa, her photography has since been commissioned by a myriad of publications, including VOGUE, Complex, and Refinery29.

Her portfolio includes clients such as Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, and Alicia Keys, as well as Fortune 500 brands such as American Express, Maserati, Target and Delta

Diamond Mahone


Diamond Mahone is a renowned US fashion stylist who has made her mark in creative direction and celebrity styling. With an eye for eclectic style and a passion for cultural fusion, she brings a unique flair to her work. Diamond’s innovative approach to fashion has earned her recognition as a trailblazer in the industry, making her a sought-after stylist for celebrities and influencers alike.

Misa Chien


Misa Chien is an authentic leader who is known for inspiring others, and helps people feel less alone and more connected through positivity and transparency.

Misa’s engaging and charismatic communication style stems from her experience through multiple forms of communication through being on TV, speaking at renowned institutions (Harvard Business School and The Harvard Club), and gracing the runway for brands such as Neutrogena and Target.

Misa’s exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial style have propelled her into high demand as a speaker, podcast host, television personality, and has even earned her the distinction of being ranked as the 23rd most viewed woman on LinkedIn worldwide and #1 most viewed Asian American woman nationwide with 16 million+ views per month.

In terms of her background as an entrepreneur, over the years Misa has founded several companies from food trucks to software that have reached 7 figures in revenue, a milestone that less than 2% of female entrepreneurs are able to achieve.

Based on her experience as an Asian American female founder for 18+ years, Misa launched The Authentic Asian in August 2023, an Asian American Female Leadership Community to help Asian American Female Founders and C-Levels feel less alone and more connected.

Megan Gabrielle Harris


Playing between reality and imagination, artist Megan Gabrielle Harris creates sublime escapes that surround black and brown female figures having pleasurable, peaceful and contemplative moments. Making this work is not only a cathartic process for the artist; she aims to inspire viewers to take time to nourish their own bodies and minds and to recognize the transformative power that our dreams hold. Harris currently works between Sacramento and New York City.

Cinthia Sifa Mulanga


Cinthia Sifa Mulanga (b. 1997, Lubumbashi, DRC) was initially trained as a printmaker but soon gravitated towards painting and collage – the mediums that have come to define her practice. The core focus of Mulanga’s art is to challenge the representation of Black female subjects by investigating the individual’s relationship with space. Mulanga developed a fascination with the radical self-acceptance and self-confidence that Black women exude despite the systems of white patriarchy that bear down heavily on the conditions set for Black women in accruing visibility, success and confidence. The visual references and influences in Mulanga’s oeuvre are largely rooted in her adopted home of South Africa, where she grew up and trained as an artist. At times, Mulanga references well-known artworks produced by her South African contemporaries; they are intended as tributes to their work, playful acts of recontextualisation.

Michele McQueen


Michele McQueen, born in East Orange, New Jersey but raised in Oakland, California is an African American self trained chef, restaurateur, event producer and content creator best known for her outstanding soul food creations and her ability to put a spin on the traditional. She first garnered attention as one of the few Black female restaurant owners in the Bay Area after graduating from Howard University with a degree in business. Michele has been featured on ABC, KRON4, Food Network and more. Her food has been enjoyed by thousands including many celebrities, athletes and major corporations. Michele’s versatility is evident in the multiple talents she brings to the field.

Jonathan Bailey


John Bailey is a dynamic professional, seamlessly blending the worlds of interior design and art curation. With an innate sense of style and a keen eye for aesthetics, he has established himself as a leading figure in the creative industry. As an accomplished interior designer, John Bailey transforms spaces into captivating works of art. With a portfolio that spans 8 years, he has curated stunning interiors for both residential and commercial clients, infusing each project with a unique blend of functionality and artistic flair.

In addition to his prowess in interior design, John Bailey also serves as an esteemed art advisor. His expertise in the world of art allows clients to build exceptional collections that reflect their personal taste and vision. He has a knack for identifying emerging talents and curating pieces that resonate on a profound level.

Kendall Hurns


Chicago native Kendall Hurns is a multi-hyphenate culture converter who has his finger on the pulse of various arenas within entrepreneurship, fashion, sports, and the art/design space. From his early career in sports management working with top NBA players to founding Robotic Minds, he has now established his presence as a curator and visual artist manager with The Arte Haus. 

The Arte Haus collective embodies the core mission—to make the once-inaccessible realms of art accessible to all. At the heart of those efforts lies the belief that what makes a ‘haus’ a ‘home’ is the vibrant and inclusive community it fosters. Kendall has forged an exceptional path in fields that often lack diversity and representation—embodying the essence of a cultural shifter, constantly pushing boundaries, and embracing collaboration to pursue progressive endeavors.

Massah David


Massah David is a cultural visionary, recognized for perfecting the art of trend forecasting and storytelling. As Co-founder and creative director of the award-winning agency, MVD Inc, Massah’s innovative campaigns have garnered her global recognition. Hailed for her ground-breaking work and collaboration with creative icons including Kanye West, Timbaland and others, Massah skillfully conceptualizes experiences that influence culture as a whole. 

Known for bringing her instinctual talents rooted in vision, creativity and expertise, Massah formulates campaigns for prominent clients such as Universal Pictures, Netflix, Essence Magazine and The Recording Academy. Successfully leading MVD’s trendsetting ideation did not go unnoticed as Ms. David has been honored by Billboard Women In Music, Okay Africa Power 100 Women and BizBash 500 and recently awarded The Vanguard Award for her contributions in the entertainment space. 

As a proud Liberian American, Massah’s commitment to civic and social engagement is felt and seen in her dedication to service-driven work with Teach For America, Color Of Change, and as a co-founder of Dope Africans. 

She dances at the line of cutting edge and making the impossible possible, which is reflected in her transformative work. 

Miatta Johnson


Miatta Johnson is a globally recognized  entertainment strategist. As founder of the award-winning creative agency, MVD Inc. Johnson’s work and contributions to popular culture have earned her the title of “the culture-shifting architect”. Well known for developing campaigns and innovative experiential marketing initiatives that have inspired songs, global viral movements, and that redefine how record labels approach new music and global marketing.

A first-generation Liberian immigrant, Johnson has built a leading minority-own and women-led agency with an impressive roster of the entertainment industry and tech greats including; Netflix, The Recording Academy, Universal Pictures, and Essence Magazine. It’s not surprising that Miatta has been honored by Billboard Women in Music, Okay 100 Women and Biz Bash Innovator of the Year and recently awarded The Vanguard Award for her contributions in the entertainment space. She is also co-founder of Dope Africans. When asked how she does it all, she replies, “It’s in my DNA”.

 Miatta is a proud graduate of NYU, a devoted wife and social justice activist.

Nelson Makamo


Nelson Makamo is a Johannesburg-based artist born in Limpopo, South Africa, where he dedicates his art to amplifying the voices of African children. Over a career spanning sixteen years, Makamo has risen as one of the world’s most sought-after, young visual artists. His diverse portfolio includes, but is not limited to acrylic, print, watercolor, and charcoal drawings, with a keen focus on storytelling through candid portraits of children, capturing the resilience and beauty inherent in the human spirit.

Trained at the Artist Proof Studios in Johannesburg, Makamo’s artistic journey began with three years of studying printmaking, providing a solid foundation. Continuing to evolve, he experimented with various materials, eventually finding his signature medium in charcoal. Makamo’s unconventional work ethic embraces creative spontaneity, steering clear of detailed plans in his artistic process. 

Influenced by artists like Dumile Feni, Picasso, and Van Gogh, Makamo’s globally acclaimed collections have graced exhibitions in South Africa, the USA, France, Italy, the Netherlands, England, and Scotland. His artwork challenges stereotypes in depicting African children, finding a place in prestigious collections worldwide.

Beyond the canvas, Makamo’s impact extends to mainstream recognition, including an appearance on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ and gracing the cover of Time magazine. Celebrated for creating a platform for young African artists to communicate through their art, Makamo’s portraits exude strong emotions, reflecting the conviction, prowess, and determination of young Africans. His mixed-media style and unique mark-making technique distinguish him as a trailblazer in contemporary visual art, reshaping global perceptions of what it means to be an African child.

Hayli September


Hayli September is a BSC in Viticulture and Oenology graduate from Stellenbosch University. She is currently doing her second year of Masters in Oenology at Stellenbosch University. With a passion for innovation in the world of winemaking and science. 

Danielle J. Summons


Danielle J. Summons, a multi-hyphenated artist, hails from North Carolina, with roots in the DMV region. With talents extending across various artistic domains, she is known as a singer-songwriter, Broadway performer, and actress. Her music, marked by soulful melodies and introspective lyrics, captivates audiences on all platforms under the moniker ‘Danielle J’. 

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Danielle is a dedicated activist for the arts, particularly advocating for the visibility and empowerment of performers of color. She fervently believes in cultivating opportunities where their voices are not just heard but celebrated. 

Danielle’s journey in the arts is a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and vibrant creative landscape.